Beautiful and talented sirens from the most dangerous coasts of the Baltic Sea have found concert stages to be the best hunting grounds of sailors. They are dazzling, powerful and seducing not just with their outer beauty but mainly because of how they make music. The choir strives for rich, feminine, captivating sound, using it for every musical era and style. The repertoire of Sireen comprises music from Renaissance to contemporary works. The choir takes special pride in working with young and talented Estonian composers like Evelin Seppar, Maria Kõrvits, Pärt Uusberg and Sander Pehk. The sirens have been noticed giving concerts in churches and village halls as well as on rocky beaches and abandoned warehouses. While the choir is purposefully mutinous and revolutionary in its performances, the quality of music and professional sound still remain as priority. This enables the choir to cooperate over genres and with nontraditional partners.

The choir was founded in 2011 with conducters Tiiu Ivanova and Ülle Tuisk.

In 2013 Chamber Choir Sireen was awarded 2nd prize in the category of female choirs at the 13th International Choir Festival Tallinn 2013. In 2015 Chamber Choir Sireen was awarded  2nd prize in the category of equal voices choirs at the 14th International Choir Festival Tallinn 2015. In 2016 Sireen was awarded first prize in the category of equal voices choirs at the 13th Estonian Chamber Choir Festival. In 2017 Chamber Choir Sireen was awarded 2nd prize in the category of equal voices choirs at the 15th International Choir Festival Tallinn 2017.  In 2018 the choir won third prize at the 14th Estonian Chamber Choir Festival.