Female Chamber Choir Sireen was founded in November 2011. Its core comprised friends who had a long history of singing together. The choir aims for a sound that is tender yet has feminine fullness and allure, combining female choir’s bright sound with the clear vocal of chamber singing. Each member contributes to the creation of beauty, everyone is a soloist. Just 20 singers can fill a large concert hall and give the audience chills in fragile pianissimo the next moment. All this makes Sireen a flexible and responsible partner for different cross-genre and untraditional projects, be it punk concerts, performances, operas or something completely unheard of.

The Sirens have been spotted giving concerts in churches, community halls, on pebbly beaches, and in factory buildings. They are headstrong and rebellious and thus able to perform equally convincingly music dripping with romanticism and crystal clear contemporary pieces as well as pure club music. In spite of their drive for innovation, the choir’s priority remains the quality and professional sound of music. The choir sings repertoire from medieval music to contemporary but values especially cooperation with young Estonian composers.

Sireen was awarded 2nd prize in the category of female choirs at the 13th International Choir Festival Tallinn 2013. In 2015 Chamber Choir Sireen was awarded  2nd prize in the category of equal voices choirs at the 14th International Choir Festival Tallinn 2015. In 2016 Sireen was awarded first prize in the category of equal voices choirs at the 13th Estonian Chamber Choir Festival. In 2017 Chamber Choir Sireen was awarded 2nd prize in the category of equal voices choirs at the 15th International Choir Festival Tallinn 2017.  In 2018 the choir won third prize at the 14th Estonian Chamber Choir Festival. In 2019 the choir was awarded 2nd prize in the equal choirs' category at the 16th International Choir Festival Tallinn 2019. On October 13th, 2019 Sireen won the Adult category of the Finals of Let the Peoples Sing, the Euroradio Choral Competition.